1932 Roadster Interior by County Seats

Instagram Post of a 32 Roadster interior done by County Seats

Morbern’s Carrara Vinyl in a 1932 Roadster

Here is an awesome 1932 Roadster interior done by our customer County Seats using Morbern Carrara Vinyl Upholstery in Carmel (CR506).  To learn more about this interior project, visit County Seat’s Facebook album titled John’s 32.  Like what you see?  Why not follow County Seats on Facebook and Instagram?

               Morbern’s Carrara Vinyl in Camel (CR506)

Morbern's Carrara Vinyl Upholstery in Camel
Carrara Vinyl Camel (CR506): Faux leather vinyl upholstery with a distressed appearance. Good option for residential, contract and automotive markets.

Diamond Embossed Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

Enduratex Counterpane Vinyl Has Arrived!!

Marine Grade Diamond Embossed Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

The Miami Corp is proud to offer Enduratex Counterpane diamond embossed vinyl upholstery fabric.  Treated with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents that protect and resists mold and mildew. Counterpane mimics the look of diamond pillow stitching.  Combine other upholstery fabrics with Counterpane to create a multi-dimensional look.  Enduratex Lunar vinyl is a great option that you may want to consider.

Enduratex Counterpane Vinyl Upholstery Sample Card
Counterpane Vinyl Upholstery Sample Card

Enduratex Counterpane Diamond Embossed Vinyl Upholstery Fabric in Almond Cream
Counterpane Vinyl Upholstery in Almond Cream
Suggested applications:

  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Office
  • Massage Tables
  • Lounge Seating
  • Conference Rooms

  • Thickness: 1.05 mm
  • Weight: 30 oz./lin. yd.
  • Mildew Resistant
  • MVSS-302
  • Clean with mild soap
  • 54” width per 30 yard roll

Counterpane Product Info Card 2015