Mako Marine Vinyl: Non-woven Backed Vinyl With Superior Strength

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Mako Vinyl Is Exclusively Made For The Miami Corp

More Than Just A Quality Marine Grade Vinyl

Mako marine vinyl sample cardMako marine vinyl is stocked in our six most popular colors.  This Miami Corporation exclusive vinyl has all the specifications of a quality marine grade vinyl.   

What sets Mako vinyl apart from other marine grade vinyl fabrics is its non-woven backing.  We will discuss the benefits that Mako vinyl brings to the marine upholstery market below.

Superior Strength Compared To Woven Backed Marine Vinyl

Mako marine vinyl offers the best puncture strength of all of our marine grade vinyl fabrics.  Unlike woven backed vinyl fabrics, Mako’s non-woven backing has tremendous puncture strength.  We don’t encourage you to try this but you would have a hard time putting a pen through Mako vinyl.

Even though Mako’s backing offers added strength it does so without compromising the look and feel of the vinyl.  Mako has a soft hand that you would not expect from such a durable vinyl fabric.

Excellent Against Pinking

Another benefit of Mako’s non-woven backing is the added barrier it offers.  This barrier helps to reduce the migration of pink stain through the vinyl.  

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WeatherMAX 3D Fabric By Safety Components’

WeatherMAX 3D

High-Performance Marine Fabric With Three-Dimensional Stretch For A Form-Fit

WeatherMAX 3D used on a boat

WeatherMAX 3D By Safety Components’

WeatherMAX 3D is a high-performance outdoor fabric that has the ability to stretch up to 20% yet contracts back to its’ original size.  Designed to stretch, WeatherMAX 3D fabric is the answer for any outdoor project that requires three-dimensional coverage or a form-fit.

  • 100% pigment solution-dyed SaturaMax
  • Limited 5-year warranty from the original day of purchase
  • HydroMAX finish for water, dirt, and mildew resistance
  • Durable, tear-resistant fabric that is still soft and flexible
  • Bleach cleanable
  • Color-fade resistant
  • Long-term UV resistant
  • Breathable

WeatherMAX 3D fabric sample card

Applications For WeatherMAX 3D

Tammy Hampton is the shop owner at Cover Girl Marine Canvas and Upholstery and is featured in this article from Textile World.   Tammy uses  WeatherMAX 3D fabric for difficult to cover 3D shapes such as outboard engine covers and custom race car covers.

WeatherMAX product manager, John Pierce had this to say in a press release about the fabric, “It’s also a perfect fabric for shade on marine applications where it will easily stretch over an area that needs sun and rain protection.”

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R+T Stuttgart Show 2018

The World’s Leading International Trade Fair For Roller Shutters, Doors/Gates and Sun Protection

R+T Stuttgart Show 2018

The R+T Stuttgart Show is the world’s leading international trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection with nearly 1.3 million sq. ft. of show floor space.  This is a must-attend event for industrialists and professionals from these industries to network and learn about the latest technologies and security features. This event involves products from the building construction, architecture & design industries.  This year’s event had 1,027 exhibitors from 41 different countries and over 65,000 visitors under a single roof.

This was The Miami Corporation’s first time attending this show and it certainly did not disappoint.  All the talk about the overall scale of this show could not prepare us for what this exposition has to offer.   To put it in perspective and compare it to the yearly  IFAI show we attend in the US, the R + T show had 10 separate halls.  The biggest hall was similar in size to the entire IFAI show (which is in Dallas, TX in October of this year).  Even the largest of booths we are used to seeing at the IFAI shows would be considered small compared to the grandeur and detail found in many of the ‘booths’ of this show. It is truly impressive.

Appealing Design and Technology With a Major Focus on Saving Energy

One major theme while visiting with all the various companies exhibiting at the show was the combination of appealing design and technology with a major focus on saving energy.  Parà fits into this trend nicely with their impressive new fabric collection filled with beautiful and interesting patterns, textures and colors that make optimizing thermal comfort and energy efficiency fashionable.

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One very refreshing part of the show was just how great the people are within the Parà universe.   Getting to spend time with our Italian partners as well as being able to put faces with names was incredible, not to mention the relationships we were able to form with some of Para’s other distributors located throughout the world.  We are looking forward to utilizing a lot of the trends and design information we saw at this year’s show over the next couple years and can’t wait to attend the next R+T show in Stuttgart in 2021.

A Visit To Milan: Parà’s Headquarters and Local Sites

Stepping on the Bull’s Balls in Milan