Mako Marine Vinyl: Non-woven Backed Vinyl With Superior Strength

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Mako Vinyl Is Exclusively Made For The Miami Corp

More Than Just A Quality Marine Grade Vinyl

Mako marine vinyl sample cardMako marine vinyl is stocked in our six most popular colors.  This Miami Corporation exclusive vinyl has all the specifications of a quality marine grade vinyl.   

What sets Mako vinyl apart from other marine grade vinyl fabrics is its non-woven backing.  We will discuss the benefits that Mako vinyl brings to the marine upholstery market below.

Superior Strength Compared To Woven Backed Marine Vinyl

Mako marine vinyl offers the best puncture strength of all of our marine grade vinyl fabrics.  Unlike woven backed vinyl fabrics, Mako’s non-woven backing has tremendous puncture strength.  We don’t encourage you to try this but you would have a hard time putting a pen through Mako vinyl.

Even though Mako’s backing offers added strength it does so without compromising the look and feel of the vinyl.  Mako has a soft hand that you would not expect from such a durable vinyl fabric.

Excellent Against Pinking

Another benefit of Mako’s non-woven backing is the added barrier it offers.  This barrier helps to reduce the migration of pink stain through the vinyl.  

Learn More About Mako Marine Vinyl

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Call For Mako Marine Vinyl Project Submissions

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Marine Fabricators Conference in Savannah, GA – Jan 25-28, 2018

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Marine Fabricators Conference 2018

The Marine Fabricators Conference (MFC) is an annual event hosted by the Marine Fabricators Association (MFA), which is a division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI).  This year’s MFC show is being held at the Hyatt Regency in Savannah, GA from January 25  – 27, 2018.

MFC attendees have the opportunity to network and learn from marine canvas industry experts.  If you’re looking to take your skills and/or business to the next level here is your opportunity to do so.

Marine Fabricator Conference 2018 Quick Links

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Can’t Make it To This Show?

If you’re not able to attend this event, we invite you to meet up with us at one of the other outdoor fabric industry events we’ll be attending.