Modern European Inspired BMW E39 M5 Interior

Meet The Custom Stitching Co.

Before we jump in and tell you about the BMW E39 M5 Interior we need to introduce you to the fellas that worked on the car. The Custom Stitching Co. is located in Charlotte, NC and was established in 2013 by Steve Kurzman. Steve grew up in and around cars working both in his father’s auto body shop and his grandfather’s tire warehouse before attending Wyotech in 2006. It was here that Steve was formally introduced to auto trimming and he found a career he felt passionate about.

Upon graduation from Wyotech, Steve was hired into an entry level trim position.  Steve would go on to work at two other shops, learning new techniques along the way.  Steve mentioned to us as well that Youtube has been a good resource for learning.

Warren working on the BMW M5
Steve isn’t alone, he collaborates on design ideas with his employee, Warren.  Steve handles all the sewing and complex jobs, while Warren helps with building panels and doing installs.  Steve stressed that, “It’s 100% a team effort to produce the work we do.”

The Custom Stitching Co. works on a wide variety of vehicles ranging from traditional hot rods, to edgy modern European cars, and everything in between.  They try to offer a general style and apply that to various genres.  Cars they have worked on have been at attendance at shows like Good Guys, Wekfest, SEMA Show, as well as local shows for specialty cars and coffee events.

High Performance Luxury Sedan with Two Previous Interior Redesigns

We follow The Custom Stitching Co. on Facebook and Instagram and have been noticing all the attention the shop has been getting over a European restyled BMW E39 M5 they recently completed.  We were curious and wanted to know more about this project.

Steve told us that the owner had heard of his shop and had seen some of his previous work.  After speaking about concepts and ideas for the project the owner chose to have The Custom Stitching Co. restyle the interior of his car.  This would be the third aftermarket interior to go into the car. The owner was not happy with the previous attempts and wanted something very modern and unique. He showed Steve and Warren pictures of cars restyled by Europe’s biggest restyling firms, which helped lead the direction of the project.

Before Images of the BMW M5 Interior Prior to The Custom Stitching Co. Working on It

Alcantara Starlite Gives a Unique Depth and Dimension

Steve points to Alcantara Starlite material as one of the heroes of the build.  When we asked him why he told us, “Starlite is the hero, because of how unique the material is. It’s far from average. And with the diamond patterning, it really gives it some depth and dimension.”

Rave vinyl was also used in the project.  Rave is Steve’s “go to” choice when leather has been ruled out as he feels it’s a far superior product compared to most synthetics and the feel and workability can’t be matched.

Presstocell foam is used exclusively  on all of The Custom Stitching Co.’s builds.  When we enquired why, Steve told us, “I love the properties and characteristics of Presstocell, especially when compared to other closed cell foams. It’s certainly not a trade secret,  but I do feel it helps support the quality work we do here. It’s the only closed cell foam we use.”

Gallery of Progress and Finished Shots of the 2002 BMW M5 with Its New Interior

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We asked Steve what the biggest challenge with this project was and here’s what he said, “Almost every aspect of this interior has been very time consuming. Also, working over someone else’s previous work had its own challenges. Many broken parts had to be replaced with factory new pieces.”  When asked about the reaction from people visiting his shop he said , “It’s been extremely positive. Most common response is simply “wow”. It makes all of the time invested worth it.”

Prior to coming into The Custom Stitching Co.’s shop, the M5 had a number of modifications done to it. The motor is supercharged and tuned, making it 500+hp. It also has a number of Dinan goodies, such as exhaust and strut bars. The owner also has new upgraded brakes, wheels and tires, and suspension for when he receives the car back. It’s highly likely you will be seeing this supercharged European styled BMW M5 at upcoming car shows.

The Custom Stitching Co. LLC Team:

Interior: Steve & Warren

*Learn more about The Custom Stitching Co. LLC by visiting their website here.

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