Fall is here and winter is around the corner

With the cold weather on the horizon what kind of planning do you have for you and your customers? Do you have jobs lined up thru the winter? Do customers like to get their boats fixed up now before putting it up for storage, or do they wait until Spring is on us? Maybe you don’t have too many jobs lined up for the cold, winter months. Do you take this time to do an inventory count? Maybe do some training for your employees? How do you spend the slow months?

I know what we do, we reach out to customers we hear from every day and others we haven’t heard from in a while. We ask questions, update their profiles and see what kind of work they do. Why? So we can better service them. We want to know what your needs are and what the best way is for us to fill that need. Drop us a line, or visit our website. See what’s new, maybe that has been missed over the last few months. Check out our sample page, see if there is anything missing. Most importantly, stay warm!