Fastmount™ A Panel Mounting System For Easy Alignment and Removal

April 2011 – Miami Corporation offers Fastmount™ the multi award winning world standard for panel mounting. The innovative system provides a superior finish with perfect alignment every time. Panels can easily be removed and refitted to exactly the same location over and over again.
Fastmount™ is one system for multiple panel types that allows for panel flex and movement, secure mounting for all conditions, and the ability to provide precise positioning. Being able to perform multiple removals and have a consistently superior finish reduces costs and time.
“Our customers told us removing and handling these panels, specifically large heavy panels requires several crew members and often results in damage to panels or other fixtures” says Gregg Kelly, Fastmount™ Director and co-designer. “The Fastmount™ PanelSafe solution allows a single crew member to easily access behind, or remove a panel. It is completely hidden when the panels are in place allowing a perfect finish. The system provides extra security to stop panels falling in critical areas such as fire exit corridors, or above valuable art work.”
Fastmount™ range of clips all work together. Installation and removal tools are supplied for consistent installation and quality performance. Kits for onboard maintenance and product support are available. The Fastmount™ clips are made from engineering grade plastic precision molded in New Zealand.
“I’ve been looking for a product like this for years. Fastmount has been huge for me; cutting installation time and creating clean, secure pieces. Too many times I’ve been stuck in blind areas, trying to attach fasteners and it turned out poorly. Fastmount eliminates the guessing game.” Larry Stewart, STEWARTS MARINE CANVAS & UPHOLSTERY, REHOBOTH BEACH, DE 19971
Fastmount™ is for new builds, refits, production, launches, and custom yachts. Whether you use it for painted or covered panels, internal or external surfaces you are only limited by your imagination and common sense. There are mounting options for composites and thin-walled panels. Just think of all the applications!

Published by MiamiCorp

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