Forbid, Permaguard and more…Miami Corp has your topcoats

Since the 1920’s, seating vinyl has evolved from stiff, expanded or fuzzy backed vinyl to super soft, stretchy “leather like” vinyl.  Like anything else, continuous improvements are made to satisfy the demanding needs of consumers.  The latest trending attribute relates to protective top coats being applied to the vinyl, creating a product that resists stubborn stains.  The large majority of fresh stains occurring on these vinyls can be easily removed using either a dry tissue, basic cleaners (Formula 409® or Fantastik®), or 90% isopropyl alcohol.   Below is the list of topcoats and product lines that Miami Corporation stocks.
The Enduratex product, FORBID, increases stain resistance, while preserving the integrity of the fabric luster and softness.   Most stains can be removed with mild soap and water, while tougher stains will need basic cleaners or 70 – 90% alcohol.  The following lines are available with FORBID:

  • Automotive includes the Endurasoft line of Corinthian, Doeskin, G-Grain, Hampton, Heidi, Honda, Luxor, Madrid, Mercedes, Milled Pebble, Montana, Monticello, Nissan, Oxen, Sierra, Toyota, and Wallaby.
  • Marine includes Tradewinds and Windsong
  • Contract includes Independence 2

Spradling’s proprietary barrier coating, PERMAGUARD® makes maintenance easy. Most difficult stains are effortlessly cleaned with a dry tissue, while stubborn soiling may be eliminated with a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water. Not only do stains disappear in seconds, but PERMAGUARD® provides unequaled resistance to scratches, scuffs, and abrasion.

  • PERMAGUARD® top coat is available on the following marine vinyls:  Beluga, Marlin and Zander


Morbern’s product, MGX™ MorGuard Xtreme™ topcoat finish can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water on normal stains. Formula 409 and full strength rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits may be tried cautiously as a last resort on very stubborn stains.

  • MGX™ is available on the Protege Marine vinyl.

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