Miami Corporation Adds Costa Track and Flex-A-Rail to Product Line

June 2011 – Miami Corporation announces the addition of Costa Track® and Flex-A-Rail® to
the line of mount tracks. Both are exciting innovations in the PVC track line, offering flexibility
and easy installation.

In an effort to continually provide customers with the most innovative products available to the
market, the Miami Corporation is always searching for products that will ultimately benefit those
using them. Miami Corporation continuously adds to the extensive selection of ready-to-install
products, custom cut materials, and supplies.

Costa Track® is a heavy-duty PVC center-mount track designed to replace flange-style track.
It maximizes load capability for large covers, biminis and track-to-track enclosures and can
be heat-formed to most radii and is predrilled every 4 inches. Flex-A-Rail requires only small
amounts of heat to be curved or bent in any direction, even around sharp corners if softened
with a heat gun first. Flex-A-Rail can be simply cut with a standard hacksaw; drill screw holes,
and fasten to the applicable surface.

“Costa Track and Flex A Rail awning track are great for fabricators because they are both made
of PVC. This gives the installer the freedom to do many things they couldn’t do with the old
metal track, like cut to desired size with a hacksaw or heating it to bend around contour edges.
Plus they’re available in white or off white, matching most boats.” Kerry Niehaus, THE MIAMI

For more information, contact:
Kerry Niehaus
Miami Corporation – http://www.miamicorp.com
720 Anderson Ferry Road
Cincinnati, OH 45238
Phone: 800-543-0448
Fax: 800-283-9840

The Miami Corporation, founded in 1923, is a distributor to the
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aftermarket companies. The company’s product line includes auto upholstery, auto carpet,
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privately held company, Miami is based in Cincinnati, Ohio with an office and distribution
centers in Albany, NY and Jacksonville, Florida.

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