Car Seat Heaters and Coolers

Our Seat Heaters and Coolers can be easily installed for added comfort on those long drives and they’re reasonably priced as well!

Choose from:

Cooling Fan System – ISCF
Reduces sweat and humidity on the seat and generates comfort air flow on thigh and lumbar areas. It is ECO friendly, helping to reduce the air condition consumption. Provides high performance air flow with low noise level. This item can be used with the perforated heating pads (ISHP).

Includes: Four fans, two filter pads, and a toggle switch


Perforated Heating Pads – ISHP
Product designed to use with a ventilation system that can be used as a separate heat system with its own on-off control switch. High quality sewn heat pads that are UL safety certified with deluxe dual temperature switch – high/off/low and separate temperature safety sensors for even heating & temperature monitoring. This item can be used with the cooling fan system (ISCF)

Includes: Four pads
Comfort Massage with Heat Unit – AC003E
Ultimate comfort allowing selection and control for massage modes, massage intensity, and heat. The auto shut-off is added for safety. This item can also be used with the ISCF simultaneously for ultimate comfort.

Includes: Eight vibrators and two heat pads
Comfort Fiber Seat Heater – ISSH
Made of OE factory standard universal carbon fiber technology, this product can be cut to any pattern and still produce even heat distribution. It has a dual temperature switch and UL Safety Certified heat pads plus a timed shut-off feature for your safety. This item can NOT be used with ISCF.

Includes: Two pads and toggle switch


All parts come with a three year/ 36,000 mile manufactures warranty and every product is 100% QC tested and is guaranteed to have 0% defective rate. They fit all seats – automobile, SUV, truck and RV.


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